Fix issue with isolated strategy and sources owned by multiple targets

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Stu Hood
fkorotkov, jsirois, nhoward_tw, patricklaw
  • Test all strategies in more cases.
  • Execute multiple iterations of compilation to catch bugs related to registration of targets that are already 'valid'
  • Add testproject and reproduction for an error in the "sources-with-multiple-owners" case for isolation.
  • Split sources by context in compute_classes_by_source case.

This fixes an error we noticed while testing the isolated strategy where sources owned by multiple targets (yea, it's gross, I know) would end up with distinct classfiles for each target. This would cause classes_by_source to be ambiguous.

I know we've had performance issues with this code before, but in this case I feel confident that we haven't introduced any additional analysis parsing.

Stu Hood
Benjy Weinberger
Stu Hood
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