Refactor com.pants package to org.pantsbuild in examples and testprojects

Review Request #2037 - Created April 7, 2015 and submitted

Eric Ayers
jsirois, patricklaw, stuhood

As discussed in previous PRs and pants-devel, we want to update our naming to refer to
the project's official domain name 'org.pantsbuild' This involves moving the example code
and testproject code to different directories and updating some publishing org/groupIds as well.

All of this refactoring was done mechanically with a script posted to the
group at!topic/pants-devel/6K4Ee4wtJmk

CI green at:

Patrick Lawson
John Sirois
Stu Hood
Eric Ayers
Review request changed

Status: Closed (submitted)

Change Summary:

Thanks Patrick, John, Stu. Commit 4d76695

Mateo Rodriguez

Whoops. I didn't see this was up. I was unclear when I wrote on the message board, the refactor didn't conflict with my upcoming CR but this actually does break the android example project. The package name has to match the file structure.

I have fixed this locally and I am planning on just fixing this in that CR (which will be up in < 24 hours. If anyone wants it earlier or separately I can do that.

  1. Sorry I broke it. I haven't got android installed locally. Maybe I should do that! I don't think there's a rush on fixing it unless it is breaking someone else's build locally.

  2. Okay, thanks. I already have it added to my other CR and I think it will be fine there. I consider this breakage to be my fault. I need to get the SDK up on Travis. This library support has been a real bear but I will have the SDK as part of the CI before I finish this stint on Pants.