Rename directory com/pants/example used in scala example.

Review Request #2034 — Created April 5, 2015 and discarded

benjyw, fkorotkov, jsirois, patricklaw, stuhood

Rename examples/src/scala/com/pants/example to examples/src/scala/com/pants/examples to mirror the
convention used in the Java examples.
Also renamed some test directories and resource directories

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  1. The goal of this PR is to make the package names consistent between scala and java. Now they all are 'com.pants.examples'

    If you would really rather have 'example' rather than 'examples', I'm game for that too.

    Also keep in mind that we wanted to move all of our directores and artifacts from com.pants... to org.pantsbuild... I could do a different PR that just moved everything to the package we want so please chime in.

    1. I am working on the android libraries and just renamed everything in android to pantsbuild. I will follow whatever you end up with here, though.

    2. I like standardizing fully to org.pantsbuild..... I'm also fine with incremental changes in that direction if that's easier.

  1. Thanks a bunch Eric!

    1. When I was working on it, the test broke here. assertTrue() just prints out, something like "got false", so I chanaged it to assertEquals() to try to figure out what was wrong. I was planning to implement __repr__ on the object to help debug what was going wrong, but then I fixed some other problems and it went away.

  1. lgtm. I would prefer the full move to org.pantsbuild. .... Also note your desciption is missing a period (s/compants/com.pants/).

    Maybe this is a python thing, but I tend to think of package names as a namespace that describes the thing on the right, and generally doesn't describe a bundle of things--that is, I feel like "foo.example.SomeExample" is better than "foo.examples.SomeExample", since when reading SomeExample I expect its namespace to describe it singularly.

    1. Discarding this in favor of moving everything to 'org.pantsbuild.example'

  1. Ship It!
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This would disrupt things and isn't the package we all want anyway. I'm working on another PR to move everything to org.pantsbuild.example