Include classifier in JarDependency equality / hashing

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Nick Howard (Twitter)
ity, jinfeng, jsirois, zundel made it so that calculate_classpath included classifiers in the keys of a dict it was using, but there are a number of places where JarDependencys are put in sets or are compared for equality and those didn't take classifer into account. This changes JarDependency's comparison ops to use classifier. It also moves validation of artifact / classifier into the __init__ definition so that they happen during definition rather than deep in an ivy resolve.

Changing the operators was a little tricky because there's some pants ivy code that relies on IvyModuleRefs duck typing as JarDependencys. I'm not completely sure of the effect there because it's possible that the ModuleRefs have classifiers nested in the associated artifacts. If someone else has thoughts around that I'd appreciate some suggestions.

ran locally, travis baking off of a PR


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