Move overrides for registrations to debug

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Stu Hood
areitz, patricklaw, zundel

Move overrides for registrations to debug.

These are only useful at INFO if you're worried about accidentally overwriting existing aliases... but even in that case, it's unlikely for overwriting two similar-named but differently-typed to "just work". You kind of have to do it intentionally.

Internally we're overriding both maven_layout and jar... I'd like to upstream the latter soon, but the former has a lot of deps that can't be upstreamed.

Patrick Lawson
Stu Hood
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Andy Reitz
Ship It!
Eric Ayers

I'm concerned that the info messages could be of utility if someone is doing this accidentally. Could there be an override=True or something like that on the second registration where we could indicate that we expect an alias to already exist?

  1. I like override=True, so either you know you're overriding and you force it, or you get an immediate error. Probably we should have something similar for build file aliases, but I think that would complicate the interface quite a bit.