Tidying up abbreviate_target_ids method and tests.

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Peter Seibel
benjyw, ity, stuhood

Hey, Peter Seibel here from Twitter. Just starting to browse the pants code. I'm realize this is probably not super critical code but as long as I was trying to figure it out I figured I'd tidy it up a bit. I also realize this looks like a complete rewrite but I actually got here by a lot of little steps. As far as I know this preserves the exact behavior of the old code; anyway it passes the unit tests. Comments and feedback on any aspect of this change are welcome.

John commented on the Github PR I posted (not having noticed about how I was supposed to use RBCommons) and pointed out that this code may well be dead. Anyone use this in any local plugins? If not I'll be happy to delete this code but in the meantime I'd love to ship this just to get on the board as a Pants contributor. ;-)

Ran unit tests. Clean bill of health from Travis CI.

Peter Seibel
Larry Hosken
John Sirois
Peter Seibel
Peter Seibel
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