Adds documentation to with tips for how to configure Pants to work behind a firewall.

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Adds documentation to with tips for how to configure Pants to work behind a firewall.

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  1. Thank you for hunting down these workarounds, sheesh.

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    I got a little lost in the grammar here. Maybe more like:

    Pants may encounter issues running behind a firewall. Several components expect to be able to reach the internet:

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  1. Thanks for writing this, it looks really good, a few nits below.

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    not sure about this one, but maybe s/SSH/SSL ?

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    Hmm, we tend to not recommend using pip to fix things in pants. I don't know anything about certifi, but should we add it as a dep for pantsbuild.pants? So if people install it into a virtual env, or via a PEX, they'll get this lib too?

    1. If you had a virtualenv installation for pants, pip might be helpful. I am not sure we want to just add it as a dependency, it potentially needs to be updated frequently. I also added a link to the project site:

    2. I agree it's useful in that case. But in the case of running pants from a PEX it's maybe still useful? I'm not sure, but in general, we don't like training our users to "pip install" stuff to fix issues. The goal (for us anyway) is that pants in a PEX is self-contained.

      I don't feel super-strongly about this. It's okay to leave it as is.

    3. I believe the official installation instructions these days say to use a virtualenv and pip install. However, I agree with Andy that it's always good to qualify pip install ... with "into the virtualenv where you've installed pants". There will always be users who pip install into the wrong site-packages and get confused. I think here it would also be nice to note how to do this when running from a pex... but unfortunately these days I'm not sure what the best way is. Rebuild the pex? {PEX/PYTHON}PATH?

    4. OK, I qualified it some more. The alternative is to set the REQUESTS_CA_BUNDLE environment varialbe and point it to a copy of the latest.pem file that comes bundled with certifi. You can just click on a link on the project website.

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