Pants to respect XDB spec for global storage on unix systems.

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Mateo Rodriguez
benjyw, dturner-tw, jsirois, patricklaw, zundel

This moves pants_bootstrapdir (volatile storage) to a
default of ~/.cache/pants unless the user has set
XDG_CACHE_HOME. This also adds a new global config directory
for non-volatile storage, such as user-edited config files.
This will default to ~/.config/pants, unless the user has

Pants uses these locations for both Linux and OSX installs.

XDG spec:

I did not rename the pants_bootstrapdir, since that is
probably in use in various non-OSS tasks and pants.ini.

I tried a couple other ways of doing this. I removed that code
but left in some new tests that went with it. LMK if you'd like
them pulled into a separate CR. I also added lots of people
to get eyeballs from the separate shops.

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