Added invalidation check to UnpackJars task

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Eric Ayers
benjyw, jsirois, patricklaw

Added invalidation check to UnpackJars task.

This fell out of another change I'm working on to add caching to the ivy-imports task.

I feel like something is lacking in the test department. Is there a good example of how to unit/integration test this logic?

Added a unit test for the new FingerprintStrategy.

I ran this command repeatedly:

PANTS_DEV=1 ./pants compile ./examples/src/java/com/pants/examples/protobuf/unpacked_jars 

and didn't see any invalidations after the second one. This is the same as existing behavior, but I set a break point in the task to see that invalidation was working.

I also played with changing the downstream JarDependency version. This took me a while to get right, hence the new UnpackJarsFingerprintStrategy class


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