Trying to clean up a TODO in IvyTaskMixin

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Eric Ayers
jsirois, patricklaw

Cleaning up a TODO in IvyTaskMixin around product_types.

IvyTaskMixin.ivy_resolve() populates a product named 'symlink_map' which I renamed
to ivy_resolve_symlink_map. This product is consumed by JavaDependency but never required anywhere. I suppose that since it has a 1:1 correlation with 'ivy_jar_products' this never caused a problem scheduling with the round engine.

I am doing this in an effort to try to understand caching better and need to do something very similar in order to make a caching version of IvyTaskMixin.mapjars().

I put a breakpoint in the function I removed and it never got called.


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Thanks for the reviews Benjy & Patrick. John offered to work on tests related to rb1759 this weekend so I went ahead and submitted.
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