Refactor options bootstrapping.

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Benjy Weinberger
jsirois, patricklaw, zundel

Instead of free-floating functions, the bootstrapping is now
encapsulated in a bootstrapper class. This class exposes both the
bootstrap and full options.

This is necessary to support the startup sequence in properly:

- To create full options we need the known scopes.
- To get the known scopes we need to load plugins and extensions.
- The plugin and extension registration code may use config.

Therefore we need a way to load the bootstrap config, then do some work,
then load the full options.

Currently we achieve this with a gross manual config-reading hack in
This change will allow us to get rid of that hack.

This change also fixes an issue where in tests the buildroot wasn't plumbed in
everywhere it should be.

Unit tests pass. Integration tests pass.

Benjy Weinberger
John Sirois
John Sirois
Benjy Weinberger
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John Sirois

This may be coincidental, but our builds have been red since this landed:
python3.2 has crept back in to the interpreters being selected from raising errors for unicode literals. The --interpreter arguments used by the script are global options which are tied up in the bits this RB touched so I'm leaning towards not coincidence.

  1. I think the "<buildroot>" here is text intended for use in the online help. I ?think? we don't want to use it as part of a real path.

         **** Failed to install wheel-0.23.0. stderr:
                       File "<stdin>", line 2
                         sys.path.insert(0, u'/home/travis/build/pantsbuild/pants/<buildroot>/.pants.d/python/interpreters/CPython-3.2.5/setuptools-5.4.1-py3.2.egg'); import setuptools
                     SyntaxError: invalid syntax
  2. ...but I don't see "<buildroot>" in many places in the log, so this is probably not the real problem. Sorry for the noise.

  3. No - I think it is. A slight bit of handwave but see here: and note that the bootstrapping code sets cached Config. If the cached config used by the pants test runner were not to have the interpreter constraints present in pants.ini - we'd pick up python3.2.

    Thanks for looking! I'll try a quick adjustment to to pass explicit --interpreter flags to the test run like it used to to work around - If that gets things green - this code can be revisited if it even needs to be - the caching is a temp hack as I recall.

  4. Still fuzzy on this but I have a fix in unrelated code I'm working on.

  5. Still under CI - but

    Sorry for the trigger finger suspecting this RB. I'm still not clear why this popped up for this review.

John Sirois


This was the problem. OptionsBootstrapper mutates global Config._default values in its constructor and unlike the BootstrapOptionsTest this mutation was not reset. I have a fix coming shortly.