Get rid of the old config registration mechanism.

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jsirois, patricklaw, travis, zundel

It was hardly used, and is now superceded by the new options system.

Moved a bunch of accesses of pants_workdir from config to new options.
There are still several such accesses that will take more work, as
they are in code locations with no reference to an Options instance.

To do so, made bootstrap option values available during option registration.
This uses function properties, which actually seemed like a reasonable
solution here. Yay python for making everything an object.

CI passes.

  2. I keep looking at this line over and over again. Maybe --args should be registered by subclasses and be required to implement a method to return them?

    1. Having that argument is a little clunky, but in the end I think having --args registered by subclasses is even clunkier. So I added documentation.

  3. If you decide not to rebister --args in subclasses, can you document bootstrap_option_values here?

    1. Documented. Is that better?

  4. src/python/pants/base/ (Diff revision 1)

    typo (valus)

  5. Because there can be BUILD files in the workdir that will throw off wildcards.

    1. Removed the TODO, thanks for the info. So this is a case where action='append' is exactly the right thing: we always want pants_workdir in there, so we always want to append to the value, not replace it.

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