Deeper selection of internal targets during publishing

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Stu Hood
areitz, johanoskarsson, patricklaw, tejal

The current behavior of selecting directly declared Jarable targets broke ages ago during Patrick's target refactor. In order to appropriately walk through intermediate jar_library/target declarations, we need to recurse.

It's common practice internally to have a top-level alias (a 'target' declaration) to point deeper into the directory structure to an actual java_library or scala_library. This meant that publishing was 1) ignoring those deps during fingerprint calculation and 2) not including them via DependencyWriter in written poms.

test publishes; will follow up to add unit tests here if things look sane.

Stu Hood
Eric Ayers
Stu Hood
Eric Ayers
Johan Oskarsson
Stu Hood
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Tejal Desai

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