'goal builddict' : generate .rst and .html, not just .rst

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Larry Hosken

before: running 'goal builddict' generates a couple of .rst files which we then give to Sphinx

after: running 'goal builddict' generates those .rst files but also a couple of .html files which we then give to sitegen.

If/when sitegen's in good shape, it'd be good to get rid of the .rst-generating part. (And if you say this code should change to separate out the rst-codepath from the html-codepath, I won't argue; I dithered over that. As it is now, the code tends to compute rst, compute html, use rst, use html and it's all lumped together. It kinda makes sense since some of that html is converted from rst.)

Most of this change is in src/python/pants/backend/core/tasks/builddictionary.py , plus new html templates.

There are also changes to some docstrings:

I replaced some sphinx-rst-isms with docutil-rst-isms (which also work with Sphinx).

And I replaced some lost docstrings which I removed with the "inherit docstrings" change because I "knew" they'd be inherited from a superclass.

And added some docstrings which have been missing for a while which I noticed because increased scrutiny grrrrr.

Maybe I should kick the docstring changes, especially the ones not directly-related to rst-fixing, out of this change, into their own change. I'm hoping they don't increase the, uhm, cognitive load of this change since they're "just docstrings", but I dunno.


Running sphinx on the generated .rst files now generates warnings :-(
I poked around 'em for a while, but eventually gave up.


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