Skipping a doc phase should result in transitive deps being skipped as well.

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Stu Hood
areitz, johanoskarsson, jsirois, zundel

When --doc-javadoc-skip or --doc-scaladoc-skip are passed to a transitive publish, products generated by those goals will not be available, and should not be depended on in the Ivy javadoc configuration that JarPublish generates. Otherwise, Ivy will fail to resolve the transitive javadoc configuration during publishing.

  • Expand existing targets to test transitive publishing of java/scala
  • Simplify to-string for jar_coordinate of pushdb entries
  • Don`t request docs unless they are available for all transitive targets

new test, and manual publishing with --doc-scaladoc-skip and --doc-javadoc-skip


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Stu Hood
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Eric Ayers


nit: one newline between method defs.